Expecting your little one?

Being a mum is the best feeling in the world. Get the best products from around the world at the best prices in Nigeria.

One step away from getting only the best for your child.

Who is BabyBliss?
  • BabyBliss is Nigeria’s largest chain of baby retail stores offering the best and largest selection from International & local baby brands Read More...
  • Babybliss has 2 stores located at Lekki & Anthony village.
  • BabyBliss is brought to you by L5 Lab, the company that brought you other successful companies like Kamdora, Jobberman, Cheki & Betazoo.
What is Baby on the way?

Parents are able to select the best from a large collection of baby products Read More...

from manufacturers around the world, at awesome prices and have it delivered in 2-3 months. This saves costs of shipping from outside the country & gives you a larger selection.

You have the option to use our:

BabyBliss Pay Small Small: Couples are able to select items needed for their baby from our large selection and pay in installments for up to 4 months. This helps couples get the best for their baby without any financial pressure.

BabyBliss Pre-order: couples can select the best from a vast range of baby products from brands around the world, at awesome prices and have it delivered in 60-90 days saving you the stress of shipping and handling plus you have the benefit of a much larger selection range.

How does it work?

  • Select the best baby products you want for your baby from our catalog. Read more...
  • Make commitment: Full or part-payment by cut-off date.
  • BabyBliss brings in products from the US, Europe, Asia & Dubai.
  • Pick up from Babybliss (Island) or the Mainland store or have it delivered to your house.
  • Ps: Pick up is approximately 2-3 months post cut-off.

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