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Who is BabyBliss?
  • BabyBliss is Nigeria’s largest chain of baby retail stores offering the best and largest selection from International & local baby brands Read More...
  • Babybliss has 2 stores located at Lekki & Anthony village.
  • BabyBliss is brought to you by L5 Lab, the company that brought you other successful companies like Kamdora, Jobberman, Cheki & Betazoo.
What is Baby on the way?

Parents are able to select the best from a large collection of baby products Read More...

from manufacturers around the world, at awesome prices and have it delivered in 2-3 months. This saves costs of shipping from outside the country & gives you a larger selection.

You have the option to use our:

BabyBliss Pay Small Small: Couples are able to select items needed for their baby from our large selection and pay in installments for up to 4 months. This helps couples get the best for their baby without any financial pressure.

BabyBliss Pre-order: couples can select the best from a vast range of baby products from brands around the world, at awesome prices and have it delivered in 60-90 days saving you the stress of shipping and handling plus you have the benefit of a much larger selection range.

How does it work?

  • Select the best baby products you want for your baby from our catalog. Read more...
  • Make commitment: Full or part-payment by cut-off date.
  • BabyBliss brings in products from the US, Europe, Asia & Dubai.
  • Pick up from Babybliss (Island) or the Mainland store or have it delivered to your house.
  • Ps: Pick up is approximately 2-3 months post cut-off.

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